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Involuntarily Single is a raunchy, stylized, no holds barred, fourteen minutes to 17 minutes comedy that is first and foremost female based and character driven. This laugh out loud web series centers around a principally drab twenty-something year old oddball girl named Maggie Fubbarb and her five female friends(Dora, Jackie, Lois, Faye and Mimi), and how they all navigate through the rough terrains of being single and dating in Los Angeles. We examine how and who these women date, befriend, threaten, hire, beg, barter, coerce, extort or simply fall in love–voluntarily or involuntarily.

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  1. Hi Sonya, my name’s EJ, I’m good friends with Louis McGruder and I’m trying to locate him. Could you email me his info at His email & a number if possible. Thank you and Im going to check out your show, now!

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