Involuntarily Single (Comedy Web Series)

Fortunately for us, the recent proliferation of “quirky” somewhat oddball comedies–be it on network, cable, in movies and now on the internet–has made it possible for me to write and conceptualize with overwhelming confidence. I believe that this is due to the fact that the theme of our show– which centers around “an awkward girl trying to navigate her way through the rough terrains of the dating scene in order to find real love” is something that we all can relate to. The legend of “finding love or wanting to be notice,” is truly one of the oldest desires of the human condition. Our search for love is a big part of our human nature. I would argue that LOVE is as imperative to our survival as food or water–leading me to conclude that we are all either in love, out of love or searching for it to some moderate degree–and this web series “Involuntarily Single” explores all three aspects.

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