BREAK (new intelligence drama) Oscar Best in the role of “THE REVEREND”

Check out this amazing actor OSCAR BEST!

We’ve got a great new project/script and wonderful team assembled. Looking to shoot our first serial drama in a big way. We’ve got great perks for you — T-shirts & Trucker Hats – with the official logo, downloadable posters, and more..

Need to read something – go to–3 and check out the first three pages. The video attached is of our lead actor OSCAR BEST. He plays “The Reverend.” He’s amazing!

BREAK (New Intelligence Drama)

This is a serial drama about a Special CIA Program called “The Zombie Unit.” Agents toe-the-line between combating against domestic threats and holding on to their moral convictions.

Check us out and give a donation!! $10, $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $500, $1,000, $5,000. Low on funds? Another way to support is by SPREADING THE WORD! Send a friend, potential sponsor to the site.

I believe in supporting good folks – now I’m asking good folks to support me.

–Keep Striving!

We’re not going to stop until our goal is reached! We’re in it to win it!! What’s the financial goal? Check out our campaign find out.

Check us out!–3

Monetary Donations will get you various perks.

1. Thank you letter from the Director
2. BREAK Ringtone
3. Hi-Res BREAK Downloadable Poster
4. Downloadable BREAK project in HD
5. BREAK T-Shirt
6. BREAK Trucker Hat
7. Special Thank You in Credits
8. IMDB Producer/Executive Producer Credit
9. Skype with Producers/Director
10. Dinner with Producers/Director
11. Casting Director for a day
12. Personal Invitation from the Director to visit the set, converse with cast and crew, and become an official member of the BREAK family.


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