BREAK (new intelligence drama) Oscar Best in the role of “THE REVEREND”

Check out this amazing actor OSCAR BEST! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! We’ve got a great new project/script and wonderful team assembled. Looking to shoot our first serial drama in a big way. We’ve got great perks for you — T-shirts & Trucker Hats – with the official logo, downloadable posters, and more.. Need to read […]

BREAK (new project)

DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE, LIKE US, FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND FACEBOOK AND SUPPORT OUR INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN. Check us out!–3 BREAK (New Intelligence Drama) This is a serial drama about a Special CIA Program called “The Zombie Unit.” Agents toe-the-line between combating against domestic threats and holding on to their moral convictions. Monetary Donations […]